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CratesCreate more space with our wide selection of crates!These crates are made to fit into all Pigeon Hole units. Width: 34.5cm  Depth: 34.5c..
Ex VAT:R395.65
Long Safety Rail This Long Safety Rail is perfect for restless sleepers and keeping your little ones safe. It is not a permanent feature and can be..
Ex VAT:R682.61
 High Density Foam Mattress that combines quality and comfort with a damask knit cover.1 year warranty Length: 188cm Width: 91cm Depth: ..
Ex VAT:R1,560.87
Kiddies ChairLength: 30 cmHeight: 60 cmDepth: 30 cm..
Ex VAT:R665.22
Kiddies High Density Foam Mattress with a plush knit material that is soft for comfort.Product of Cloud Nine, Allergy free, No-Turn, Chiropractic endo..
Ex VAT:R1,734.78
UnderbedCan be used as a bed which fits a standard mattress or as a storage drawer. It is fitted with wheels to slide underneath the beds.Please note ..
Ex VAT:R2,426.09
Single Taxi Mattress - the perfect entry level mattress especially for potty training purposes! Length: 188 Width: 91 Depth: 15..
Ex VAT:R865.22
Kiddies Heart/Star/Aeroplane cut-out Chair Width: 30cm Depth: 30cm Height: 60.5cm Price excludes kiddies Table..
Ex VAT:R478.26
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